The FaceCamp Story

January 19, 2016 Francesca Camp

FaceCamp: The Long Awaited Skin Care Line Hits Malibu With a Splash!

by Julie Wallach

Reprinted from the Malibu Chronicle

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, facecamp delivers a groundbreaking new line that’s sure to impress even the most sophisticated skin care expert. With its patent pending delivery system and professional grade anti aging ingredients, facecamp has been the new buzz on both the east and west coasts.

Developed by Francesca Camp, a well known and respected Plastic Surgery Consultant for over 20 years from New York City, and Marissa Pomerantz, a Malibu Resident with over two decades of product development and branding, the synergy was evident upon their first meeting.

In speaking with Camp, she describes their partnership as “East Coast meets West Coast,” with both bringing their own unique flare and experience to the party. When the duo met through mutual friends in Beverly Hills two years ago, they both thought that it would be “just another meeting.” Little did they know that they would soon launch one of the most talked about skin care lines on the market today.

Originally developed for burn patients, the anti aging facial spray, Feel the Burn, as it is now known, was not only helping patients recover and renew their skin, but it was noticed that the skin surrounding the burn was dramatically improving as well. Camp, also the author of the book Do I Need It? (And What if I Do?): Answers to All Your Questions About Plastic Surgery, started her own focus group of 150 women over 8 years ago. She packaged the spray in an unassuming and unbranded amber bottle. Currently, there are still well over 80 of these women in the group who have dubbed the product “Secret Sauce” because of its effective and “secret” formula.

Francesca Camp

Marissa Pomerantz

Fast forward to her meeting with Pomerantz; Camp gave her a bottle of this so-called “Secret Sauce” to try. As Pomerantz says, “Being in the industry for so many years, I’ve tried just about everything, and so when Francesca asked me to try this, I agreed, but I never expected to see the results that I did on my own skin! I then started testing it on family and friends and convinced them to send me before/after photos. Everyone was amazed at the results, so I picked up the phone, called Francesca and said ‘I’m in’!!”

Now, the formerly known “Secret Sauce” is being called a spray-on facelift by its many fans, including a vast celebrity clientele. facecamp was just gifted to this year’s top nominees and presenters honoring the Emmys, in the privacy of their hotel room.  We can’t wait to see how many new celebrities will become “Face Campers” very soon!

Before and After 5 Weeks

Before and After 6 Weeks

However, as both Pomerantz and Camp have said, this is not just for the rich and famous—it’s for the every-day woman who can’t afford a $50,000 facelift but still wants to keep or restore her youthful skin. Those that can afford a facelift will be pleased to know that facecamp will help protect their investment and keep their skin soft, smooth and glowing.

One of the unique qualities of using the Feel the Burn Anti Aging Facial Spray and the CampSite Gel Serum, is that your face will heat up and turn pink for about 15-20 minutes. This temporary warmth is called a “flush” and is beneficial; it means that it is working to rebuild collagen, elastin and improve your overall skin tone!

The facecamp Line includes:

Feel The Burn Anti-Aging Spray
Use two to three times per day

CampSite Gel Serum
Use once per day on targeted areas

BaseCamp Daily Moisturizer
Use morning and evening for best results

AquaCamp Facial Cooling Powder
A mineral-rich cooling powder

Here’s what some of the facecamp fans are saying:

“In a beauty market saturated with incredulous claims, facecamp really delivers. I love these products and have seen a dramatic change in my skin.”

–Catherine Oxenberg Actress, Malibu Resident, and The Body of Bliss Founder

“Truly a state of the art ingredient list that is long overdue. A huge wake-up call to the Skin Care Industry. This is the real deal! My face is addicted for life!”

–Christine B Skin Vault Malibu/90210 International Skin Educator

“facecamp is a game changer. It balances out and strengthens my patient’s skin. I’ve seen it clear up acne, heal wounds, soften scars and lighten pigment. Patients find the therapeutic flush absolutely addictive!”

–Mia Belle Beverly Hills Paramedical Aesthetician

“The niacinamide in Feel The Burn isn’t just some ‘trendy’ ingredient. Its numerous anti-aging, sun damage repairing, and acne-clearing benefits are proven, and this spray’s unique delivery system optimizes the ingredients for maximum, visible results.”

– Sara Turbeville Skin Santa Monica

“In the Regenerative Cosmetic field, the facecamp products are groundbreaking.  As a Plastic Surgeon, I am very impressed by these products.”

– Markus Handle, MD Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetic Facial Surgeon, Vienna, Austria